The last time ACLC's company website has been updated was 2012. The current website is outdated not only in style but also in regards to the content of the company. The company's website failed to perform as a marketing tool. 


The new design focuses on attracting potential customers and partners. The new website will be CMS implemented to make it easy to maintain and update new information. It will also include web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic.


UX/UI designer and Developer


As a UX/UI designer my duties included;

  • Researching and find out who the target audience is

  • Finding out what the stakeholders and the target audience want

  • Designing a responsive user interface

  • Planning and designing the sitemap by focusing on target user's behavior

  • Create wireframe, low-fidelity prototype and high-fidelity prototype of the new website


As a developer my duties included;

  • Researching what CMS system that the team can use

  • Collaborate with content/copywriters


  1. Updating the outdated information and the style of the current website that does not perform as online marketing brochure and guide to the company

2. Providing easy access to targeted information with quick links by validating ACLC's capabilities to contract

    officers and potential partners as easy as possible

3. Find a solution to save the time and the cost of maintaining the website


  1. Provide a comprehensive environment with a completely new design that is visually appealing, interactive and engaging

2. Showcase company's capabilities and certifications to support the company's contract bids or to appeal to the

    potential partners seeking information for contractual opportunities

3. Provide easy navigation and quick links to targeted information by focusing on the target audience's needs

4. Implement Wordpress when developing the website to make the site easier to manage by someone who wouldn't

    necessarily know codes


Starting with the user research and finding out about what stakeholders want, I started building the structure of the website based on the research. After building the site structure, I created wireframes and low-fidelity prototype of the website by collaborating with content writers and a graphic designer. After presenting the high-fidelity prototype to the stakeholders, we were approved to start developing the website.


User research is conducted to understand the target audience's needs and behaviors. I created the survey and analyzed the responses. 



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