SECY course is a part of U.S. NRC's Correspondent Management course that introduces how to prepare and format Secretary of Commission papers with engaging and interactive contents.


This E-learning course prepares learners to utilize Performance Support Tool and resources by focusing on how to use them through interactive activities rather than through lengthy texts and static contents.


UI/Interactive Designer


As a UI and Interactive Designer for this project, my duties included;

  • Designing a responsive user interface for the entire course

  • Planning and designing interactive maps for complicated activities based on the instructional designer's storyboard for the course

  • Create wireframe, low-fidelity prototype and high-fidelity prototype of the course


1. Converting complicated course materials to an

    easy to learn E-learning course 

2. Creating an easy to navigate yet highly accessible

    course that fits target users' needs

3. Convincing the users to use the interactive performance

    tool provided in the course when performing their jobs 


1. Focusing on the target users learning behavior, design an

    easy to learn and follow course

2. Create a 508 compliant course

3. Keep the learners engaged throughout the course with

    interactive activities that are based on the usability and

    functionality for learners

4. Use visual elements that are only related to the goal and

    objectives of the course keep the leaners focused on the



I started the process by analyzing the storyboard designed by the instructional designer. Then, based on the user research and the analysis of the contents, I start creating multiple wireframes and prototypes till I found the best solution as I will collaborate with the instructional designer. Once we decided on the final design, I start gathering and creating visual elements and developing the course focusing on the usability of the product.

Upon receiving the storyboard from the Instructional Designer, I start analyzing and planning the contents.



Being part of a small design team, I had to wear multiple hats and became not only a UX/UI designer but also a visual designer and a developer for this course. By collaborating with the instructional designer, I was able to come up with the overall design pretty fast but still converting complex materials into an easy to navigate course yet providing engaging contents for the learners was a challenge. Also, I had to make sure it was 508 compliant and accessible to every student. However, this course was praised to be the most well designed and successful course the company has produced. 

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